"(Jenny's) compassion and kindness were outstanding! I am so pleased that (she's) taking care of my loved one. Thank you for everything!"

"Everything! Jenny is wonderful - the BEST!" "Ability to connect with a patient who often has difficulty with a new provider or caregiver!" Jenny is fantastic! The BEST!"

"Such a great service for the homebound! Jenny is very professional and kind."

Your Dementia training event was one of the best trainings I have attended in a very long time. I have been in this industry for over 20 years, and this was wonderful. Even with such a large, auditorium-filled audience, I felt like I learned a lot and obtained useful skills, new information, and reminders of the unique approaches required when serving somebody with dementia. In addition, my mother-in-law has very advanced dementia and lives at a local assisted living facility. I used some of the techniques recently when assisting her to eat, and they worked very well. Yes, there is always more to learn in this field.

The Normal and Not Normal Aging Seminar was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed Teepa's humor and honest dialogue about dementia. It has helped us to talk about it and find ways to prepare for the future.

Thank You for having the Teepa Snow event. It was very informative and helped me understand dementia better. My mother and grandmother both have dementia and this helped so much with understanding what my loved ones are going through and provided techniques that will help greatly.  Many Thanks!!

Our respect for Mountain Home Care started the day my dad asked for an evaluation ... and they told him he really didn't need their services! A while later he did sign on as a client, mostly for help taking the trash to the curb, for light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and appointments. Not long after that, he fell and required around the clock care for about three months. Mountain Home Care jumped into action, coordinating the necessary care and medical equipment. When I would visit on weekends, I would ask my dad if he wanted me to cancel Mountain Home Care. Sometimes he did want them canceled but I do remember one response, 'Oh, no! It might be Zach who is coming!'. My dad's dog thought the caregivers were visiting to care for her and she waited by the door at 8:55am to see who was coming! My dad had many favorites among the caregivers -- if I listed them I'd surely forget someone and I don't want to do that! I was fortunate to learn from these wonderful people -- to the point that I decided to become a CNA and go into in-home senior care myself!

The team at Mountain Home Care has cared for me for over 12 years.  I have been very pleased as the MHC staff and caregivers have been very professional , dependable and caring.  I would suggest that anyone needing eldercare services for themselves or family members use Mountain Home Care.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Mountain Home Care for giving me the care I need and enabling me to stay in my home at this time of my life!  My children live out of town, and have more peace of mind knowing my needs are met by Mountain Home Care.

Throughout my three years of working with MHC, I found the management and staff most professional and responsive in accommodating our needs. Their caregivers, all CNAs for the last year and a half, were uniformly professional, safety-conscious, and caring. In fact, the longest-serving ones really became like family, caring for [my wife]as a loving mother would care for a sick child.

In speaking with other families using home care in our Parkinson's support group, it became apparent to me that MHC was at the top of the pack in terms of quality of selection, training, and supervision of their home caregivers. I always found the management and staff quick to respond to any issues with a specific caregiver, though these were infrequent. Likewise, when a specific caregiver proved especially effective and compatible with my wife's situation, the MCH scheduler and staff responded positively to my requests to maximize that caregiver's availability.
I think I was at times a demanding customer, but to their credit, MHC management always listened politely to my "demands" and resolved them the right way with full and satisfactory explanation, even if it was not my way (which was usually not the best way anyway).

In short, my experience with Mountain Home Care made a tragic personal situation much easier for both my wife and me to face, and I will unhesitatingly turn to them if and when I ever need home care services again.

It is a pleasure to work with Mountain Home Care and their team of dedicated caregivers. Their focus on each client is personal and special, and we are proud to have them as a member of The Senior's Choice. Mountain Home Care represents the best of The Senior's Choice network because of their integrity, commitment and love for seniors and their families. We strongly believe that every individual who takes advantage of their services will experience greater peace, independence and quality time with their aging parents or spouse.