Testimonial 2

Throughout my three years of working with MHC, I found the management and staff most professional and responsive in accommodating our needs. Their caregivers, all CNAs for the last year and a half, were uniformly professional, safety-conscious, and caring. In fact, the longest-serving ones really became like family, caring for [my wife]as a loving mother would care for a sick child.

In speaking with other families using home care in our Parkinson's support group, it became apparent to me that MHC was at the top of the pack in terms of quality of selection, training, and supervision of their home caregivers. I always found the management and staff quick to respond to any issues with a specific caregiver, though these were infrequent. Likewise, when a specific caregiver proved especially effective and compatible with my wife's situation, the MCH scheduler and staff responded positively to my requests to maximize that caregiver's availability.
I think I was at times a demanding customer, but to their credit, MHC management always listened politely to my "demands" and resolved them the right way with full and satisfactory explanation, even if it was not my way (which was usually not the best way anyway).

In short, my experience with Mountain Home Care made a tragic personal situation much easier for both my wife and me to face, and I will unhesitatingly turn to them if and when I ever need home care services again.