Edie Fleeman

Our respect for Mountain Home Care started the day my dad asked for an evaluation ... and they told him he really didn't need their services! A while later he did sign on as a client, mostly for help taking the trash to the curb, for light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and appointments. Not long after that, he fell and required around the clock care for about three months. Mountain Home Care jumped into action, coordinating the necessary care and medical equipment. When I would visit on weekends, I would ask my dad if he wanted me to cancel Mountain Home Care. Sometimes he did want them canceled but I do remember one response, 'Oh, no! It might be Zach who is coming!'. My dad's dog thought the caregivers were visiting to care for her and she waited by the door at 8:55am to see who was coming! My dad had many favorites among the caregivers -- if I listed them I'd surely forget someone and I don't want to do that! I was fortunate to learn from these wonderful people -- to the point that I decided to become a CNA and go into in-home senior care myself!