• mountain-home-care-on-wlos

    Mountain Home Care on WLOS

    What are some signs to look for and questions to ask when thinking about in-home care for you or a loved one.

  • vision-changes-as-we-age

    Vision Changes As We Age

    Mountain Home Care's Jean McGuire discusses what loss of vision during aging looks like.

  • positive-physical-approach

    Positive Physical Approach

    Jean McGuire discusses Positive Physical Approach training, which informs about the best practices when interacting with loved ones suffering from dementia.

  • signs-of-dementia

    Signs Of Dementia

    At Mountain Home Care we can help you as you navigate the waters with your loved one suffering from dementia.

  • hand-under-hand-technique

    Hand Under Hand Technique

    Hand Under Hand Technique is a skill that we teach caregivers in order to help loved ones feel supported and more confident.