Here are seven tips based on Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care. 

1) Learn more about the disease- Learn what it does and doesn't do and what it is going to mean for you. Everything changes and can be unpredictable. 

2) See it as a journey- It's not a sprint, so plan for the longer journey ahead. 

3) Don’t be a lone ranger- If you try to be you will run out of gas. 

4) Learn “positive approach to care” skills. We can help with this. 

5) Become a care partner instead of just a care giver. If you push help at someone they might push back. Learn to change when something isn't working.

6) Find resources. There is a lot of good info out there. We can also help you with this. 

7) Learn the art of letting go...breathe! Take care of yourself, to take care of others. 

Mountain Home Care is highly-trained in Teepa’s Positive Approach to Care and can help you navigate your way through this journey.