Taking a walk on a nice autumn day is a great way to view the leaves changing and spend quality time with your family. If your loved one is interested in foliage, you could collect leaves, and then press them for an art project. Taking walks is also a good way to ensure that your loved one is getting some physical exercise.


Planning a holiday or baking is also a great way to spend time with your loved one without being required to endure any sort of major physical activity. Of course, when baking make sure that your loved one is supervised, especially if they are displaying signs of or are suffering from dementia. Planning a holiday with them is a great way to talk about family traditions and continue to make sure they feel included in the family even as memories start to fade. Baking is a great way to share recipes and learn a few new tricks, while also opening up for memory exchanging, or small talk.


These activity options are great ways to spend time in the fall with your loved ones that offer a variety of choices based on mobility. Sometimes the best times are spent sitting in one place and enjoying the company of each other, but offering a new activity is a great way to show someone you care.