This time of year is a special time for all. With the anticipation of more snow days and the excitement surrounding the holidays, your mind can be consumed. The last thing on your mind is the people in your life who might not have anyone to share this special time of year with anyone. Sometimes the greatest gift that you can give someone is your time. We normally talk about physical proactive steps that you can take to protect the elderly in your life, such as climate control and activity planning, but this month we want to focus on a more emotional approach.

Pay a Visit:

Around this time of year it feels like our schedules are in a never-ending state of chaos. Between preparing for the holiday and possible upcoming school breaks, life can be a little hectic to say the least. Paying a visit to an elderly neighbor is a great way to show someone that you care. Taking time out of your busy schedule to sit and share a cup of coffee or deliver a meal could be the highlight of someone’s day. Have a Chat: We all have that neighbor that we frequently see taking strolls through the neighborhood. When the weather becomes iffy, those strolls become more dangerous. That loveable neighbor might have become a little more housebound than he or she is used to. Stopping by to have a chat or inviting them over for a meal is a great way to ensure that they are staying socialized even when the weather isn’t great.


Help on Harsh Weather Days:

We spoke briefly about times when an elderly neighbor might not be able to leave the house, but the restriction for them might not be the same as your personal restriction. You might be able to get out of the house far before they are comfortable leaving. Offering to pick them up any simple groceries, or offering to drive them somewhere they need to go, helps to alleviate their feelings of helplessness.


Accompany or Invite Them to Local Events:

This time of year is great for local holiday themed events. If you and your family are planning to attend the annual tree lighting or Christmas program, why not extend the invitation? The same is true in offering your time. If there is an event that your friend or neighbor has coming up for an organization that they are a part of, offer to join them so that they have a friendly face around.


The holidays are a great time to expand your immediate family to include friends and neighbors. A kind heart might make all the difference to someone who is unable to travel to visit their family or does not have a family to visit.