Fitness DVDs
There are plenty of exercise DVDs that offer 10 minute workouts. These are perfect for people who have only a few minutes to spare each day or for people who are just getting into a daily routine. Check out the reviews before you purchase though, as with all things, some are significantly better than others. Reviews will often tell you whether the exercise stress a certain area.
Swimming is the best exercise for toning up your whole body as you are working almost every muscle you have. If your swimming skills leave much to be desired then perhaps try water aerobics. As you’ll be under water and essentially ‘weightless’, it will be much easier to do simple exercises and easier on the joints. Check for local classes.
Going on a walk together is one of the best basic ways to stay healthy. It is also a great time to talk with your loved one, reminiscing or just hearing about their day.
Asking about “the old times” as you stroll can be a fun thing for both parties. Enjoy pointing out the flowers and trees as they come to life this spring! Just get outside and have fun.