Did you know that April is National Gardening Month?!


It may come as no surprise, as many areas in the U.S. are beginning to see warmer weather this time of year.


One of the best hobbies for seniors is gardening. Whether you like sprucing up your flower beds, planting seeds for a veggie patch, or you’d rather stick to indoor plants, gardening can be a great way to stay active, healthy, and maintain a sense of purpose as a senior.


If you’re worried you don’t quite have a green thumb, no problem! Below is a list of some of the hardiest plants to grow, no matter where you choose to grow them!



Succulents. A favorite amongst all generations, succulents are typically an excellent choice, as they require very little maintenance and are hard to kill. Some examples of succulents are hen and chicks, aloe vera, cacti and more.


Snake Plant. Does the name sound scary? Sure, but trust us, there aren’t real snakes in these plants! Well known for their classic, simple beauty, snake plants have also made this list due to being easy to care for and thriving in a variety of environments.


Pothos. Few homes are complete without the addition of this popular indoor houseplant. It’s easy to care for, prefers partial shade, grows beautiful vines that look graceful in your planter, and they can be trained to grow on a trellis or even your wall for a curtain of greenery!


Sunflowers. Easy to grow and incredibly gorgeous to look at, sunflowers are a popular choice for outdoor flower beds and gardens. Pollinators love them, and depending on the variety you get, you can even eat the sunflower seeds! Whether you prefer mammoth sunflowers or smaller ones such as dwarf types, you’re bound to find one you’ll love to add to your home and garden.


Marigolds. A cheerful, easy to care for flower that does great in containers, marigolds are an excellent choice. They have the added benefit of coming in a variety of bright colors, such as red, orange, and some even have two colors (red and yellow are a good example,) and pollinators also adore them.


Happy Gardening!