Hospital systems around the US are changing the way they provide care for older patients during COVID-19. LIFE Geisinger, a care facility designed for older adults that gives them support they need to be able to live at home longer, is one such system.


LIFE Geisinger is part of the Geisinger Health Care System in Pennsylvania and normally provides services both at its day centers and in patients’ homes. However, nurses are now providing as many services as possible at the home of their patients rather than at their centers, including physical therapy, medication administration, and even food delivery. More complicated or serious treatments, such as IV treatments and dialysis, are still performed at the hospital system.


Mountain Home Care has years of experience providing in-home care for seniors, including medication administration, injections, medical assessments, and diabetic care. Our high-quality nursing services rival that of hospitals and nursing care facilities, and your loved one will not have to leave his or her home.


You can be assured that our staff is taking the utmost care to protect our clients and keep them safe during COVID-19, including wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing the spaces they work in while in clients’ homes.


If you have any questions regarding in-home care for your loved one during COVID-19, give us a call. We’re happy to talk to you in detail about the steps we’re taking to keep your loved one safe and how we can help you care for your senior family member during this challenging time.