If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, Halloween can be exceptionally scary.

The constantly ringing doorbell and children in costumes can be disturbing, confusing and even frightening for someone with any type of dementia including Alzheimer’s. Here are some tips to keep your loved one with safe on Halloween.

Make sure your loved one has company on Halloween

Unfortunately, this is a time that masks are acceptable and a burglary could possibly occur.

Choose fun Halloween decorations—not scary ones

Pumpkins are good. Scary things or items that make noise...not so much.

Eliminate candles and glowing lights

Due to vision changes, avoid shadow casting.

Monitor television viewing closely

There are a lot of disturbing programs on this time of year. The wrong show could leave a lasting impression.

Build your own traditions

Consider doing seasonal crafts, watching a fun (not scary) movie, or looking through old photographs and remembering holidays past. Focus on fun activities and pay close attention to see which Halloween festivities your loved one enjoys.