With more winter storms headed towards Asheville, check out these tips and reminders for keeping our elderly loved ones safe.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our elderly loved ones lose thermoregulation functions that we take for granted. With this comes reduced ability to sweat and and blood circulation problems increase. Decreased thirst awareness also affects body temperature in the elderly, as dehydration further reduces the body's ability to maintain a steady temperature. These things, combined with body weight, conditions or medications, make staying warm quite an issue for the elderly.

Hot foods, blankets, layered clothing and staying in warmer areas of the building can all help. Also, don’t forget related winter weather issues, such as drier than usual skin. Be aware that your loved one might not always recognize their physical needs, or they may not be able to describe what’s wrong...just that they are uncomfortable. Don’t worry-spring will be here soon! Call us at Mountain Home Care in Arden, NC with any questions you may have about our nursing services or dementia and Alzheimer's care.