The warmer days have officially circled back…Spring is here! As the cold diminishes and the days get longer and warmer, you may be feeling energized by this change in the weather. This is a great opportunity for you to get outside and take advantage of the warmer days. Keep reading for ideas on how you and your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors this spring together!


- Exercise Outdoors: the spring time is the perfect time to move your exercise routine outside. The risk for falling is significantly decreased since the ice/snow has melted. So why not walk outdoors? Western North Carolina has incredible hikes that range from easy to difficult, so if you’re wanting to change your views, combine your exercise with a nature hike or even explore a park with your grandkids!

- Gardening: this is a great activity for seniors in the spring. This increases immunity, mobility and reduces depression. If mobility is limited, utilize a raised bed garden or simply a plotted plant garden. Don’t worry if your spring weather isn’t quite ready for plants…plant an indoor garden, starting your seeds in smaller pots and then you can transfer those when the weather is warmer!

- Attend Your Local Farmer’s Market: simply taking an hour to walk around and check out fresh produce and flowers is a great way to get outside and you can even bring home fresh flowers to brighten your living space!

- Spring Cleaning: this is the perfect season to go through drawers and closets to sort, organize and even donating unused items! You can invite your family and friends over to make it a social event. The plus side of donating unnecessary items is that it can reduce the risk of falls and reduce anxiety.

- Feed the Birds: nothing screams spring like hearing the birds chirping. Get bird feeders to hang outside and this will draw the birds to your front porch or window so you can bird watch. It also offers the opportunity to learn more about these creatures.

- Attend a Local Festival: warm weather means that local festivals are back. Check the local news and event sites to find local festivals that have bands, cuisine, shops and more! This can be a great time to spend with your loved ones.


Because the spring time sheds sunlight and brings warmth, spending time in the sun can give a boost of vitamin D which is necessary for the brain, bones and muscle functions. Regular exposure to fresh air not only increases your mood and concentration, but helps clear your lungs! When we inhale high levels of oxygen, fresh, clean air increases blood flow thus improving, cleansing and repairing tissue within the lungs to help rid of the things we don’t need!