Holidays are great times to get the older folks in your life invigorated and enthusiastic. Here are a few ideas for the next upcoming holiday-
St. Patrick’s Day.

Dress Up
Put on green and take them out on the town! Go to lunch or dinner, a parade or an activity where they can be seen inter green finery.

Have an Irish-themed meal
Choose traditional Irish Foods or just choose green foods! Make sure they are foods of interest to your elders. Decorate the room or table with shamrocks or other St. Patrick’s items. Invite others over and make a party of it!

Play Bingo
Who doesn’t love Bingo? St. Patrick’s Day bingo boards are available online, or just use regular bingo boards and have small prizes available. Shamrocks. little pots of gold candies, a four leaf clover pin are a few prize ideas.

Make a Craft
This can range from making a four leaf clover pressed bookmark to painting a flower pot and planting a shamrock. You can also consider a photo album of photos you have taken and printed out earlier in the day.