At Mountain Home Care we specialize in helping to identify when it is time to consider at-home care for you or your loved one. It can be a scary time, realizing that you or someone that you care about are no longer able to function daily without any assistance. There are a few reasons why at-home care is preferable to care in a facility.

Our nurses at Mountain Home Care are trained and specialize in helping to ease the transition of complete independence to a bit of supervision. They can assist in day to day activities such as medication administration and management, to make sure your loved one is continually taking a healthy amount of his/her prescribed medicines, wound dressing and care if your loved one has suffered from any type of injury or has undergone surgery, foot-care and medical assessments.

Being able to keep a loved one in the familiar home environment for as long as possible as they age can play an important role in their mental health.  There are studies that show an increase in mental health for those 65 and older who reside in their own home versus a facility. And those who have undergone surgery are more likely to make a full recovery if they do so in the comfort of their own home versus in a rehabilitation center. In addition, for adults who might be experiencing early signs of dementia, moving them to a completely new environment can be even more disorienting. At Mountain Home Care we want to help to ease the obstacles of aging. Consider at-home nursing care, today.