Consistent, attentive care is vital in the days and weeks leading up to and following surgery at any age, but for older family members, it’s crucial. You and your family, however, may be unable to provide as much help as you’d like due to work and family obligations — or perhaps you live out of town and are unable to take the time off needed to come stay with mom or dad.


Mountain Home Care can help by providing quality pre- and post-operative care for your loved one, in the comfort and safety of their own home.


Pre-Op Care


1. Taking your loved one to pre-surgery doctor’s visits.
2. Ensuring that your family member’s home is clean and organized and that their kitchen is stocked for their return after surgery.
3. Help with packing necessary items for the hospital stay, such as comfortable clothing, eyeglasses and hearing aids.
4. Transportation to the hospital or site of surgery.


Post-Op Care


1. Taking your family member to any follow up visits, and acting as a patient’s rights advocate.
2. Preparing meals, and making sure that your loved one is following any dietary recommendations from his or her physician.
3. Light housekeeping and laundry.
4. Ensuring that all medications are being taken at the proper dosages and times.
5. Wound care and dressing changes.
6. Helping your loved one with getting out of bed and moving around as soon as their doctor advises.
7. Making sure your loved one is drinking enough water to stay hydrated.
8. Watching for medical issues following surgery such as excessive bruising at the site of the surgery, confusion or delirium, or other potentially serious complications.


Most importantly, our caregivers at Mountain Home Care provide companionship for your loved one and peace of mind for the entire family.


Contact us today to learn how we can support you and your family.