You can make St. Valentine's Day special for the elder in your care by getting festive for holidays. Below are some suggestions which do not take much time to put together, are sentimentally appropriate, inside professional boundaries, within means of a tight budget, and not so predictable. 


The gold standard is the timeless hand written message.  This can take the form of a card (handmade or formally fancy) or letter written on clean or decorated paper.  Think of the ways your elder is a stand out person, how they make you feel good, what you like about working with them, what you admire about how they live their life. Then simply tell them so straight from the heart.


Get a box of their favorite flavor of red Jello and make a tasty treat.  Recipes for using Jello abound.  Use the sugar free Jello, if necessary.  If you use an old school mold for forming the jello into something artistic you will kick your presentation up a notch.


Balloons.  Helium filled or blown up by you.  Get more than one (one smacks of a kiddie treat), the more the merrier.  Tie them together with ribbon or tie them to a lamps or chairs where they can be seen throughout the day. Lots of older folks have a sweet tooth, so if yours does present them with cookies or a box/bag of their favorite candy.  Again, if necessary get a sugar free substitute.  Let them enjoy them without interference, but within safe limits.  Do not help yourself, unless they invite you to do, otherwise.  The treat is for them.


Ask them what their favorite romantic movie is and download it for them. Ask them why it is their favorite.  Use this activity as an opportunity to engage in conversation which takes an interest in their heart and soul.  They might even share with you some charming stories from down memory lane.


Invite one of their friends or neighbors over.  This third person might appreciate being included as you might make their day special, too. They can watch the movie, help eat the Jello or candy/cookies.  Maybe they might share a cup or tea or coffee.


Ask your elder if they would like to take a walk through old photo albums and tell you about their loves and loved ones from days gone by.  Show you care by actively listening to them and asking questions about the people and events that meant so much to them.  Ask politely about sweet memories from the past like their first kiss, first crush, first love. 


Dress them in red.  Use red place-mats and napkins and plates, etc.  Serve red foods.


If transportation is not a hassle, go to to the nicest mall in your area and have a treat, people watch and admire the shop displays.  Take along any mobility assistance equipment that might come in handy, just in case.Show them you cared enough about them to learn more about how to care for them even better than you could naturally.


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