As we age, we are likely to develop health problems that we have not faced before. These problems could include high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, or even a chronic pain disorder. All of these problems result in one commonality, prescribed medications.

It is a running joke in our society that as you age you become more and more forgetful, but where that forgetfulness becomes dangerous is in relation to daily medications. One of the main tasks that our caregivers can assist with is medication management. When you are working with a person with dementia or Alzheimer's in particular, it is important that their daily medication is monitored and regulated to avoid unsafe overconsumption.

Impaired hearing or general loss of memory can make it difficult for a patient to understand the proper instructions for taking a medication and the risks associated with not following the instructions. Our caregivers are able to assist their patients with medication administration. This service ensures that your loved one is ingesting the proper dosage of medicines at the appropriate times, offering you peace of mind.